Frequently Asked Questions:

"What are Lash Extensions?"

Love Your Lashes Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic lashes. They are attached to your eyelashes individually & not to your skin. This amazing and magical beauty service saves you time and years off your looks. Believe it or not you do NOT need to use mascara while wearing these lash Extensions. It is a very meticulous and intense service that requires skill and precision. Once properly applied, these lashes are so natural looking it is difficult to tell even up close that you have extensions on. We offer 30 different unique lash options to customize your look. Our lashes offer 3 degrees of curl, 3 different thicknesses, and 9 different lengths. They are virtually weightless.

"I heard Eyelash Extensions will damage my natural lashes."

If the technician is not properly trained and qualified, Eyelash Extensions could possibly damage your lashes–leaving you with ugly “bald spots.” The Eyelash Extension process is meticulous; your results depend first on the skill of your technician and, secondarily, the product used. There are people who call themselves Eyelash Extension specialists, but who have not actually obtained training, much less are they certified. Even if they are certified, very few “extensionists” do eyelashes more than once a month. This procedure is new to the United States and not yet regulated, which makes it easy for unscrupulous opportunists to call themselves Eyelash Extension specialists.

Don’t be fooled! Do your research. Ask for before/after photos of actual clients of their own. Ask to see their cosmetologist or esthetician license.

"How long do the Eyelashes last?"

It is totally an individual process. The Lashes will stay on your lashes for your remaining natural lash life; A normal lash growth/shed cycle is 60-90 days. Most people shed natural lashes at a rate of 1-2 lashes, per day, per eye. We also grow a new lash to replace the one that fell out. These Lashes can stay on up to 60 days with proper care and forever with monthly maintenance. However, general after care will affect how long the lashes last. 

"How to Maintain Lashes?"

We recommend sleeping with The Sleep Mask to help preserve and care for your lashes, and of course your beautiful face! Also, to protect and preserve the life of your lash extensions (especially if you are prone to oily skin/lashes), we suggest using rice paper and our lash sealer to protect the adhesive. If you have unruly natural lashes we recommend our lash conditioner to hydrate your extensions. This product forms a barrier against sweat, natural oils and pollution. Don’t be fooled by places who tell you their extensions last 2 months. Some of your extensions may last up to 2 months with proper home care, depending on where the natural lash is in it’s life cycle when the extension is attached to it. A natural lash cycle is 60-90 days and each of your lashes are on their own individual growth cycle, so your natural lashes are constantly shedding. Your natural lash must be at least 30 days mature to be strong enough to attach an extension to it so baby lashes are not used. When you come in for your appointment each of your natural lashes will be at different stages of maturity so we will carefully select the lashes that are mature enough to have extensions attached to them. Between visits, when one of your natural lashes sheds, the extension attached to that lash falls off with it. You will have another natural lash growing in right behind it; therefore, you will need regular fills, approximately every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful. We know you will love your new Eyelash Extensions! If you have any questions, please call or email us. We are here to help!